Xie Qiu Wa

Described by the mainland press as “one of the most enigmatic and inspiring artists of the contemporary Chinese art world”, Xie Qiu Wa lives and paints in his adopted home town of Shanghai. At age 36, Xie already counts as one of the leading forces in the reintroduction of the Classical Chinese School to a wider Western audience.

The artist’s work reflects a stoic luminescence, and explores and expresses a contrast of light and darkness. Xie is one of few contemporary artists to immerse themselves in detailed photo-realism along traditional Chinese lines and he has rejected all forms of artificial (print/Giclee) reproductions.

While Xie’s international reputation has been built upon his highly refined and stylized interpretations of Chinese 19th Century designs, he has recently focused on developing his own distinctive figurative style. His experimentation with a combined realism/impressionism form has created some groundbreaking pieces and the artist’s unique flowing style has won him a strong following in the West.

Although Xie is now extremely busy coordinating shows internationally, he still maintains a strong mentoring relationship with his wife, Angel. Both Xie and Angel compliment each other creatively, she with the eye for fine delicate features in figures and he with the creative flowing play of shadow and light.

Xie Qiu Wa continues to develop a strong following in the West and is currently planning a number of shows for North America in 2006.

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